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371, Kailash marga-02, Kathmandu Tel: ( 977 1 ) 4430664 / 4430665
Fax: ( 977 1) 4439783

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Our agency is working uniquely in Humanitarian goals
By results of treks, stays, and expeditions, our humanitarian organisation built one free dispensary wich served (25000 persons in 2005 !) and 3 schools for poors chidrens in Nepal. In Tibet we provide financial help to an tibetan orphanage . Each person who set up with our organisation, represent for us the purchase of medicine or scolarship for poor childrens

Since a long time we have started humanitarian actions in India
(25 years ago, 2 schools
for 500 children in the slums)
and in Nepal (16 years ago) with the support of a
French association (NGO) . Rhone-Jamuna-Helambu

Rhone-Jamuna-Helambu. Email. Helanbou@inde-nepal-tibet.com

In 1990 we constructed a dispensary providing entirely free medical service in the massifs of Helambu which served more than 25000 Nepalese in 2005. Five nurses work full time in the dispensary, under the few months' guidance from volunteer doctors or nusrses from europ every year. The dispensary is surrounded by 24 villages with no other health post in a radius of 6 hours' walk. It is situated in Gyalthum/Sierra on the way of Tarkhegayang and on the treks-ways towards Gosainkunda, Langtang, Helambu & Panch Pokhari. A little lodge "the 2 Rivers Lodge" has been built near the dispensary.

More information and photos on our action

Furthermore, we have constructed 2 schools at Dubachaur in Helambu and a primary school free of cost for 150 children near the dispensary. You can verify the results of our activities in Helambu. We also participate actively for the separate scholarships for the adolescents, who continue, with our help, their secondary or further studies.We also help one tibetan orphanage in Tibet . the most important part of these activities is financed by the treks, stays, expeditions, etc, that we propose you. Each person who set out with our organisation, represents, for us, a purchase of medicines or an academic scholarship for the poor children. You can see our action near Gyalthum village in Nepal, in Helambu. information: http://www.tibet-nepal.org/human/ 


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